Women to be color, identity of Democratic Autonomous Assembly of Shengal

Rebia Eto

SHENGAL- Neam Elyas, a member of the leadership of the TAJE (Ezidi Women’s Freedom Movement), stated that the pioneers of the Democratic Autonomous Assembly in Shengal are women. Neam added that “every Ezidi will find their place in this system with their own color and identity.”

Following Daesh’s massacre of Ezidis in 2014, the Ezidi people have gone down in history as a people who have faced 73 edicts for their extermination. Ezidi people have turned this dark fate in their history into struggle and resistance, surprising all of the Middle East and becoming a source of hope for all the peoples of the region. Ezidi people first took up their own self-defense and founded the YBŞ and YJŞ. After this, women and youth accelerated their organizing in the social field. Formerly, laments rose from the mountains of Shengal, but now the mottos of revolution can be heard instead.

Just like the poem of Abdullah Öcalan, “Dewrêşê Evdî and Adule,” says: “Don’t sorrow anymore! I wish I could say Kurdishness and free life, now complete, were an eternal reality!” The Ezidi people, who want to turn free life into such an eternal reality, have declared the Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly. The pioneers of the decision to declare and work for democratic autonomy have been Shengal’s women. Neam Elyas, a member of the Ezidi Women’s Freedom Movement (TAJÊ), commented on the declaration of democratic autonomy in Shengal.

Neam Elyas said that the declaration of the democratic autonomy of Shengal means that Ezidi people can defend themselves. She said that after the declaration, they chose seven people for the Diplomacy Committee. Stating that women are the vanguard of this movement, Neam said, “ After the attacks on the Ezidi people in 2014, they have made the decision to organize in a spirit of revenge and opened their own institutions. Defenses forces were formed. Institutions where society can organize themselves, as well as autonomous women’s institutions, have been opened.”

Neam stated that there was a need for all institutions and organizations to gather under single roof and. “The Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly can carry out powerful work by taking on all social institutions and organizations in such a period. Our main aim is to strengthen the togetherness of the Ezidi people. Every Ezidi will find own place in this system with their own color and identity. The Ezidi people have declared their liberty and autonomy,” she said.

At the end of her speech, Neam said that Ezidi women have taken on the responsibility of organizing and that all Ezidi people should turn to the Shengal Democratic Autonomous Assembly to strengthen their togetherness.