Women in T-type Prison in Tarsus on hunger strike: Stop the torture, meet the demands

MERSİN – 52 women in T-type Closed Prison in Tarsus have launched a five- day hunger strike as a warning due to the ongoing tortures. Today is the third day of the strike. Women prisoners, who have 12 demands, stated if their demands are not being fulfilled, they will go on a definite-reversible hunger strike.

The torture imposed on prisoners in T Type Closed Prison in Mersin’s Tarsus district by the prison administration is increasing day by day. Recently, the prison became a current issue with the torture and “rape threats” the women prisoners faced while being transferred. The prison has become a current issue with another torture and rights violation cases almost every day since it was opened.

52 women in the prison launched a hunger strike as a warning to the prison administration on August 8. Women indicated that they had 12 demands through their families. Women said they will wait for a week after the five-day hunger strike and if their demands are not fulfilled they will go on a definite-reversible hunger strike.

The women’s 12 demands are as follows:

“* Open investigations against those who practice the torture while they are transferred to the prison.

* Withdraw the draft of wearing same uniform in the prison

*Give treatment to the patient prisoners, send them to the hospital

*Stop the searches which are like harassment

* Everyone has to enter their ID number to see their relatives during non-contact visit. This is a technical system. Stop this technical system.

*Stop solitary confinement and disciplinary punishments.

*Recognize our 2 representatives and prison administration should be open to dialogue.

* Let prisoners have their hobbies and sport activities.

* Accept the mail from in and out of the prison.

*Stamps are demanded for criminal complaints to prosecution offices and ministry. Applications are blocked. Our applications are not given. Stop this practice.

* Get better the physical conditions in the prison.

* Personal belongings are being seized. Give the seized personal belongings back.”