Women concentrate on self-defense training in Efrin

Lilav Efrin

EFRÎN –The teachers receiving self-defense training in Efrin say they are receiving self-defense training to defend themselves and their lands.

Following the Rojava revolution, the women have continued to fight against the oppression, tyranny, assimilation and the traditional policies of capitalism. The women are at the forefront of positions against attacks and they defend both their people and themselves. The women are carrying out a conscious defense not only during the war but also in every sphere of life.

‘We want to start a move’

The female teachers living in Efrin Canton are receiving defense training. 350 teachers have participated in the training. “As everyone knows, the attacks on Efrin canton continue. We want to start a move. The defense trainings is very important for us and for our lands. We should defend ourselves and our lands. We are receiving this training to defend our lands,” said Medya Xelîl, one of the teachers.

‘We will make an effort for self-defense’

Sating that they would never allow any attack on Efrin, Medya said, “We will make a great effort for Efrin women, youth and citizens to receive the training against attacks.”

Another teacher Sîhem Kirdo, meanwhile, said the self-defense training is needed for the women against the attacks because they are in extraordinary situation.