Torture in the street, death threat to Lice Co-mayor Rezan Zuğurli, Rezan Zuğurli’s mother!

Safiye Alağaş

DIYARBAKIR- Lice Municipality Co-mayor Rezan Zuğurli, who was removed from her post and a trustee was appointed to the municipality in her place, battered in the street because of an existing sentence had been issued for her. Due to battery her mother has burnt injury on her soles, bruises on her arm, and scars on her chin.

While Rezan and her mother were passing through Lise avenue of the Çamlıca district of Diyarbakır, police cut them off with an armored vehicles and wanted to do an ID check. Rezan has been sent to E Type Prison in Diyarbakır. Rezan’s mother Firuze described what happened while the police arrested Rezan. Firuze said: “ A group of men in civilian clothes, who we didn’t know were police, came towards us and surrounded us. They started to swear at us and insulted us before we could understand anything. They wanted to take Rezan. I stood in front of my daughter and said ‘ Who are you? Why are you taking my daughter? You can’t do this.’”

‘They threatened me with death’

Firuze who said that her daughter forced to get in armored vehicle, at the same time went to the vehicle’s door and wanted to get inside herself. “ While I was getting in the vehicle one of them grabbed my arm and pushed me to the ground outside. I fell down into hot asphalt from the road work that was going on. My feet burned because my slippers fell off. Bruises formed on my arm. They constantly swore and insulted us. When they took my daughter, they punched her. I said: ‘ Aren’t you ashamed to talk like this with a woman?’ one of them leaned down threatened me and said ‘I will kill you.’” said Firuze.

After they took her daughter, Firuze couldn’t stand up because of the beating, She went to Diyarbakır Selehattin Eyyübi State Hospital and got a battery report. Then Firuze learned that these men were police. Firuze will press charges against them.

While these events were happening, a person protested. Because of this the police also beat and took him away in an armored vehicle. The police deleted the videos that the person took. While Rezan has been taken away to Diyarbakır E type Prison, her family took her one-year-old baby to the prison because the baby needs to nurse.

Prison administration didn’t allow the child’s diapers,baby food and things into the prison but they bring them when they come for visits.

Reza was detained for 13 months based on the accusation of “ Committing a crime in the name of the organization (PKK organization) without being a member of the organization” because of the case started in 2012, in Diyarbakır second Heavy Penal Court. The court sentenced her to four years and two months in prison. It has emerged that Rezan will serve the remaining sentence.

Rezan Zuğurli, started her position as the youngest mayor in the local elctions of March 29, 2014.