People of Lice forced to migrate again by fire, ‘military operation’

DİYARBAKIR- The people of Lice, who don’t step back in spite of years of exile, torture, cruelty, oppression, abduction, and burning policies of the state, are being forced to migrate by forest fires. These repeated policies turn into anger and resistance among the people of Lice instead of fear and assimilation.

Kurdistan is a place that nurtured proud resistance against policies of profit-seeking and looting. Kurdish people have fought against these policies for their land, languages, and cultures for thousands of years. Kurdish people protect themselves against the government that want to erase them from history and seize the Middle East. The Silvan, Lice, Kulp, Bismil and Hani the districts of Diyarbakır were the most attacked by the state and Hizbul- Kontra (a violent Muslim religious group) in the 1990s. Every day, almost 50 people were taken from their homes, workplaces, and streets to police stations and military housing. Then, they were murdered while under arrest. Almost none of them came back home. Women and children were threatened, young men and older men were murdered. If they stood against this, they were tortured. The people of Lice, who resisted in the 1990s, do the same thing today.

‘My daughter was raped and burnt to death’

Villages were burned and villagers were raped and tortured in Lice. An old man who witness the 1990s said that he saw everything with his own eyes. “My daughter was raped before my eyes then she was burnt to death, I couldn’t say anything because I was scared for my other children,” he said.

People protest fire, curfews

Since the 1990s the state has declared curfews thousands of times because they thought that there were guerrillas there but people didn’t leave their villages. This time, the state is burning the forests, killing animals, deploying soldiers and village guards (paramilitary forces) to villages as in the past. However, all of villagers are resisting by starting human shield actions to protect the forests from soldiers fires.

Now, the state is trying to create a policy of encouraging children to become unconscious about the things around them by using the Turkish education system.

‘People don’t leave Lice’

After the declaration of self-governance, the soldiers closed the roads to the villages and rural areas by digging trenches. They started to watch Lice day and night, by building military posts. The state always chose the cruelest and the most fascist soldiers for Lice. This is clear because in the last six years, 60 curfews have been declared, approximately 100 people have been murdered,and the soldiers set fire to the forests and arrested and tortured 520 people.

Today, there are still curfews in Lice. Lice is under siege by soldiers, even if there is no official announcement of this. They put up tents on the high hills and Turkish flags as if they were occupying the city… But none of the villagers have left their villages!