Orchards and gardens under bombardment in Hazro!

DİYARBAKIR – In Hazro district of Diyarbakır, soldiers opened fire on villagers and set the orchards and gardens on fire in Hazro’s Ölgen (Kanîbuşkul) village by bombing.

Forest areas in the Üç Basamak (Heremo) village, located between Diyarbakır’s Silvan and Hazro districts, were set on fire as a result of ongoing clashes. While the fire broke out due to the bombardment continues, the soldiers don’t allow the villagers to put out the fire.

In the Ölgen (Kanîbuşkul) village of Diyarbakır’s Hazro district, two village guards, who protected the seismic detection vehicles, were reportedly slightly injured in the incident broke out when the village guards opened fire. Furthermore, seven detained people were reportedly released last night.

As the entrance of the village has been closed within the scope of the ongoing military operation, the villagers are reported to be only allowed to go to the city center from the village. The villagers highlight that the villagers are forced displacement with the excuse of military operation and therefore they are allowed to leave the village.