Journalists covering demolition in Sur taken away from neighborhoods

DİYARBAKIR- The police officers, who have blockaded Alipaşa and Lalebey neighborhoods of Diyarbakır’s Sur district with barriers, have forcibly evacuated the homes in the neighborhoods and they have taken the journalists covering the demolition away from the neighborhoods.

The demolition that started in May in Alipaşa and Lalebey neighborhoods in Diyarbakır’s Sur district under the name of “urban transformation” continues. While most parts of Lalebey and Alipaşa neighborhoods have been demolished, the demolition of those who resisted has begun. The police closed the entrance and exit of both neighborhoods with barriers in the morning hours and they have begun to take the people, who don’t leave their homes out by force.

Citizens in both neighborhoods have continued to resist against the demolition. Police haven’t allowed them to enter their homes.

According to received reports, the neighborhoods have been blockaded by order from the Diyarbakır Governorate and the police have been ordered to “use force to evacuate the homes”. The journalists, who want to cover the demolition, have been forcibly taken away from the neighborhoods.