Health worker women treat patients despite limited resources in Shengal

Rebia Êto

SHENGAL- In Xane Sorê Martyrs Hospital in which only women work, health workers women work with limited possibilities and try to treat patients.

Xane Sorê Martyrs Hospital opened in Shengal two months ago and only women work there. The hospital continues to provide service to people. Health worker women successfully treat patients despite limited resources in Shengal. While the health worker women treat the patients, they also train young people in the healthcare field. A member of hospital administration, Adar Xerza, said that the hospital provides service day and night and many people come for treatment to the hospital, although it is a recently opened hospital.

Adar mentioned the value of the hospital and said, “We want to give better service in the future when we extend our resources. We want to deliver all the resources in the healthcare field.”

Adar said that all women have willpower and conscience and the health worker women’s students learn quickly. Adar called Êzidî women to participate in training about the healthcare field.