HDP Ecology Commission to prepare a report on Dersim

Melike Aydın

DERSİM –Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Ecology Commission member Pınar Yiğitoğulları, who went to Dersim due to the fact that the fires started by the gendarmerie in Dersim haven’t been put out and that the people haven’t been allowed to put out the fires, said, “50-year-old unlawful order are attacking the nature.”

The fires started in Dersim and its districts two weeks ago by the gendarmerie have continued in the several regions. The gendarmeries haven’t allowed the people to put out the fires. The citizens have started to put out the fires despite all barriers. The Governorate has begun to take the action against the fires after upon the reactions of the public opinion but the governorate hasn’t made a satisfactory statement regarding the issue yet. “We don’t want to act with those who set our forests on fire and the Governorate and the authorities, who didn’t do anything for two weeks. We will put out the fires on our own initiative,” say the citizens, who react to the silence of the governorate for two weeks.

‘The areas, where no clash takes place, are also set on fire’

A delegation comprises of representatives of the NGOS and political parties went to Dersim to support the citizens trying to put out the fires. Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Ecology Commission member Pınar Yiğitoğulları stated that they would prepare a report on the fires and that 50-year-old unlawful order in Kurdistan reached its maximum level. Pınar said, “The state has continued to set the forests on fire and to destroy its habitants not only in Dersim but also in many parts of Kurdistan. We have heard that the civilians and nature are bombed by helicopters to start a fire in areas, where there is no clash.”

‘Nature is the only thing we have’

Underlining that the state isn’t superior to the human and nature values, Pınar said that they are brought on a dark period they haven’t faced before. “Today, our existence depends on a bee. Human will not survive in the world without bees. The nature is the only thing we have to have such a perfect life and I am calling on the people to stand up for the nature,” stated Pınar.

HDP Istanbul MP Hüda Kaya said she had felt the holiness she felt in umrah during her previous visit in Dersim and she added, “As a Muslim woman, I was unable to keep silence against this situation. I came here to protect the nature protecting by our Alevi people for years and to prevent the fire.”
Saying that protecting the living creature in Dersim is the most sacred duty, Hüda continued as follows; “What we can expect from the practices don’t have respect for water, trees and living creatures? Staying against this massacre is the most sacred duty of the Alevis, Muslims, Turkish, Kurdish and all people while the humanity is being killed today.”