‘Girkê Legê women not only produce but also defend their village’

Ruken Goman

GIRKÊ LEGÊ – Girkê Legê women make women’s effort visible by using the heritage coming from the past of the village. The women, who provide their own defense following the Rojava Revolution, not only produce labour but also defense their village.

The Girêdêra village of Girkêlegê was founded 160 years ago. The village, which is located three kilometers away from north of Legê Girkê, takes the name of the centenary trees in the village. The village hasn’t been came to light until this time, now it is glamorizing people with it’s nature and history.

A systematic war is being conducted on the Girêdêra village, which has idiosyncratic beauty with it’s mountain, rock, lowland, water, surface, and stream. In the village which has very old story, we listen to lives of labourer women. This words saying ‘Xweliyê lêkin bi bêran, jin çêtirin ji mêran’ (means that pour ashes, women with the shovel are better than men) is very famous in Girêdêra village. When the attacks intensify, men die due to not respond back. Those who don’t die, escape. Women rescue their village by defending themselves, not hogging tie against attacks. Today, the women are defending their village by fighting as they did before.

Effect of Rojava Revolution

Drawing the attention on women’s labour and village life, Edla Omer, one of villagers, said ” The women are known for their labour in the village. The women of village start to work from early hours of morning. They take their animals to the tableland. They cook their bread in tandoori. Meanwhile, we organize ourselves. Following the Rojava Revolution, the women move themselves to advanced stage. They have improved themselves in all areas. They put the village in a particular condition. Now, the women defend their lands and village. They show their willpower in all fields. We will always protect our lands and continue to live on.”

‘They not only work but also organize’

Edla talked about her own life and day labor and added: ” I take my animals to the tableland in early hours of morning, then I go to my field to irrigate it. I collect my vegetables. I come back in noon hours to cook then I join the defence training to organize and improve myself. I love my village. I will live in my village until I die.”

‘We get used to make effort’

Another resident of the village, Cîhan Abdîl Qadir stated that she started the day early in the morning and she continued to talk as follows: ” We get used to make effort. We cannot stay without working. We realise we do something while working. I collect the vegetables from my field and I sell them. We have difficulty to work due to hot weather.”

Mûslîma Mohemed is also living in the village and she said she started to the day by milking her animals.Mûslîma said, “Then ı make yogurt and cheese with the milk. I make them for my family and I sell them. Everything made by the women are clean. The men don’t care about the animals, they think this job is a women’s job.”