Fire in Kulp and Çermik spreads, no connection with 4 villages for 2 days!

DİYARBAKIR -The fire started in villages of Diyarbakır’s Kulp district two days ago by soldiers and village guards continues. The villagers living in Dorşin and Yaylak (Askar) villages cannot be reached.

Military operations are going on in the villages and hamlets of Diyarbakır’s Kulp district. According to reports received, soldiers and village guards set forestlands on fire. Special units of the state, who have launched operations for days, enter the villages. Military operations are going on not only in Kulp but also in Çermik. Soliders and village guards conduct house raids in the villages. According to reports received from the citizens, no news has been received from four people living in the Ziyaret (Derê) hamlet of Kulp’s Yaylak (Asrak) village for two days. According to reports received today, the soldiers have blockaded the hamlet and they haven’t allowed the citizens to go out from their homes.

Furthermore, the forest fires are reported from Yaylak and Dorşin villages and the villagers haven’t been reportedly allowed to put out the fires. While the fires are gradually spreading, the soldiers and village guards don’t do anything to put out the fires. No news has been received from 30 citizens in the villages, where operations are going on.