Filiz from Dersim: We have been displaced since 1938

Melike Aydın

DERSİM – Filiz living in the Gökçek village of Dersim says the outpost (Kalekol), built above the village, has been harmed her family and the animals for 15 years. “We are keeping our mouths shut in fear that they would oppress us. We are wanted to be displaced since 1938,” said Filiz, who states that they are affected from the ongoing forest fires in Dersim.

Filiz Demenan, who lives in the Gökçek Village of Dersim’s Kutu Stream region states that they have been affected from fire started by the soldiers and that they haven’t had peace since the outpost (Kalekol: special security building) was built. Living with her sister, Filiz says her 20 of the 25 goats were killed last year during howitzer shootings, the dogs of the outpost ate her chickens and attacked her sheep and killed five of them this year.

‘We have been displaced since 1938s’

“Beekeepers are my witnesses. But we are keeping our mouths shut in fear that they would oppress us. We are wanted to be displaced since 1938s. My grandfather was killed during Dersim rebellion in 1938; his grave is at the cemetery in Vartinik. We are two sisters, we have three sheep. We have had many damages from the outpost for 15 years,” said Filiz.

‘We will take your health card’

Stating that the dogs of the outpost are directed to kill their animals deliberatively, Filiz said, “I talked to the regiment commander and company commander, I went to the Governor’s office. All have an agreement with each other. They don’t allow me to enter in. We cannot speak out from fear. If we say something, they tell us, ‘We will take your health card (for uninsured people)’.”

‘The state has seized even drinking water’

Filiz says the drinking water resource of the village has been seized by the outpost and she adds, “They have also taken our water from us. They say we are the state. Is this state? We share everything with each other, but they have taken everything from us. We cannot speak out because they have guns.”

‘We are in fear to be taken by soldiers during mortar shootings’

“My sister got lost last year during the mortar shootings. We reported that to AKUT (Search and Rescue Association) and they couldn’t find her. She took shelter in the next village. She was afraid of being taken by soldiers. My sister is 50 years old. Our 20 goats disappeared. We don’t know if they were stolen or killed by mortar. We couldn’t find them. Our six goats were killed by the dogs of the outpost, ‘Wolves killed them,’ says the Governor.”