Deniz Fırat commemorated by her colleagues and comrades

QAMISHLO – Journalist Deniz Fırat was commemorated in Rojava by journalists on the third anniversary of her death.

Journalist Deniz Fırat lost her life on August 8, 2014 while covering the attacks on Maxmur Camp by ISIS. She was commemorated in Qamishlo city of Cizîr Canton. The commemoration was held at Martyr Faik Basın Academy with the participation of many journalists.

Sterk Gulo spoke during the commemoration and she said talking about Deniz is hard. Pointing out that Deniz’s colleagues follow the path of Deniz, Sterk said, “Deniz Fırat’s struggle continues. Agır Bane, Nujiyan Erhan and Xerip Welat were killed because they followed Deniz’s path against fascism to uncover the truths. On the third anniversary of her death, Deniz is still with us with her life and her doctrine.”

Deniz’s sister Binevş Sarya, who is journalist like her sister, said, “I got to know Deniz for her struggle not for being my sister. Deniz was a soulful person who immediately recognized the details and beauties of life. She wrote all details she saw. You can see these details in her diary. Deniz was full of life that I cannot say Deniz fell a martyr. Deniz is still among us with her honorable stance against ISIS fascism.”

At the end of the commemoration, Deniz’s colleagues and comrades sang the songs Deniz loved.