Dead body, delayed at the side of the road, buried after 8 days

ŞIRNAK – Dead body of a woman, reportedly belong to a member of the YJA Star, has been buried by berivan (s) (women, who milk sheep/ goats) after being delayed at the side of the road in Güneyçam (Navyan) village.

A woman member of the YJA Star reportedly lost her life during the clash broke out on August 16 was delayed at the side of the road. Berivan (s) saw her dead body while going to milk their sheep in the Güneyçam (Navyon) village of Şırnak. However, her dead body wasn’t allowed to be buried. Berivan (s), who could take her dead body after eight days, buried her near the village.

One of the women said that the soldiers didn’t allow them to wash the body and that they had to bury her with her clothes.