Call for solidarity from right defenders: Don’t let Eren Keskin put into prison

NEWS CENTER- “She will be put behind bars without solidarity”, said the right defenders against jail sentence treats towards Eren Keskin, who has been banned to travel abroad and has been released under judicial control many times. Solidarity network will be created for her.

More than 140 cases have been opened against human right defender Eren Keskin for being co-editor of the Özgür Gündem daily. Eren, the founder of Legal Aid Bureau Against Rape and Sexual Harassment in Custody, has reported and documented state-based sexual violence for many years. The right defenders will create a solidarity network for Eren Keskin, who has faced heavy prison sentence from more than 140 cases opened against her just for Özgür Gündem daily. The right defenders will hold a meeting to create a ‘Solidarity Network with Eren Keskin’ at Human Rights Association (İHD) Istanbul Branch tomorrow at 7:30 PM.

‘She will be put behind bars without solidarity’

The joint statement made by the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey(TİHV) and Human Rights Association (İHD) to invite all people to support this solidarity network is as follows: “The court decisions generally result in judicial fine. Some of these fines have become definite. When we calculate the judicial fines, they are about thousands of Turkish Liras. Beside these, she has ongoing cases, which will directly result in jail sentence for being chief-editor of the daily, for her several talks and for her writings. If she doesn’t pay these judicial fines, she will be put behind bars because judicial process of judicial fines will be ended soon,”

In fact, we call her as İHD Co-Chair. Eren Keskin is also a women’s right defender and member of TIHV Founders’ Committe. We invite all human rights communities and friends to be solidarity with Eren Keskin and we believe that solidarity with her is needed to not allow her to be sent to prison by the judgement pressure of authority system. So glad we have you Eren Keskin….”