70th day to freedom in Raqqa

RAQQA- The phase launched to liberate Raqqa has entered in its 70th day.

The phase launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to liberate Raqqa has entered its 70th day. 60% of city has been liberated in the operation calling, ‘Great Battle’.

After the liberation of Meşleb, Sînaa, Bîtani, Sebehîye, Qadesiyê, Romanî, Yermuk, Hattîn and El Cezra neighbourhoods, the El-Kerim Neighbourhood, located in northwest of the city, has been liberated,too.

According to information received from Raqqa, the SDF fighters have liberated Mehdi and El-Refqafree neighbourhoods after the violent clashes. The SDF fighters have continued their advance and have entered the Reşid and Mansur neighbourhoods following the liberation of the both neighborhoods.

The clashes in Old Reqa neighbourhood, eastern of the city, have continued.

Short-time clashes took place in the Rewda neighbourhood, eastern of the city.

The clashes in the Berid neighboorhood are going on.

Furthermore, the civilians rescued in the neighbourhoods liberated by the SDF, have been taken to Eyn İsa Camp built by Raqqa Civilian Assembly, Eyn İsa Peoples’ Assembly and Democratic Syria Assembly.