281st day in Yüksel: We will not allow any intervention on Nuriye and Semih

ANKARA – While the police attacked on the protest called, “We want our job back” on its 282st day, the protesters stated that they wouldn’t allow any forcible intervention on Nuriye and Semih.
The hunger strike launched by Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça, who were removed from their posts by an emergency decree and have been held at Sincan Prison’s Campus Hospital, has entered in the 161st day.
The protest called “We want our jobs back” started at Ankara’s Yüksel Avenue by the public-sector employees to support Nuriye and Semih and to want their jobs back has continued on the 281st day.
‘We stand by them’
However, the police attacked the protesters again. The police didn’t allow the people to make a statement in front of the Human Rights Monument and forcibly took the people away. The police attacked the people while they were unfurling the banners reading, “Release Nazife Onay” and “The hunger strike is on 161st day, Nuriye and Semih should be reinstated” and they dragged the people on the ground until Konur Street.
Meanwhile, the protesters said that they wouldn’t allow any forcible intervention on Nuriye and Semih and that Nuriye and Semih were on the hunger strike for their jobs and honor. “We stand by them. Our struggle will continue until they are released,” said the protesters.