18 regions under fire in Dersim

DERSİM – While the fire broken out in 18 regions of Dersim continues, the fire broke out particularly in four regions of Pülümür continues to spread.

Forest fires in 18 regions of Dersim’s Ovacık, Hozat, Pülümür and Nazimiye districts have continued, the fires haven’t been put out for “ongoing operation” in the regions. The people react to not be allowed to put out the fires. In the past few days, a group comprises of 50 people went to Kutu Stream region to put out the fire; however, the security forces didn’t allow them on the ground that there are mines in the region.

The fires continue in following regions;

*Ovacık district: Yaylagünü village, Sepkan forests, Kozluca village.

*Regions of Tunceli city center: Sarıtaş village, Geyiksu village, Geyiksu village, Kutudere, Roj Stream, Bali Stream.

*Hozat district: Amutkan region, Çakmaklı Village, Dre Village.

*Çemişgezek district: Ekerek Stream.

*Pülümür district: Kızılmecit village, Kırmızı Köprü village, Dereboyu village, Uzuntarla village.

*Nazimiye district: Doğantaş village, Ramadan village.

The fires particularly in the Roj Stream and Doğantaş region continue to spread.

Furthermore, a military operation was launched in the rural areas of the Dibek (Dêrxust) village of Diyarbakır’s Lice district yesterday and a fire broke out in the forest area due to the bombardment. According to received reports, the villagers brought the fire under control.