This is gendercide: Men have killed 208 women in 6 months!

Duygu Erol

NEWS CENTER – In Turkey, men killed at least 36 women in June. Men were violent towards 48 women and sexually abused 19 children. In the first six months of 2017, men killed at least 208 women.

During the AKP government’s 15-year rule, violence against women has increased by 1,500 percent. This number increases every day. The state authorities’ sexist rhetoric, the incitement provided by judicial decisions, and the war in the country put women’s lives at risk.

Women pay the price of these policies with their lives. Women continue to be murdered every day by men, some of whom they know, some of whom they do not know.

According to statistics gathered by Şujin, men killed 37 women in January, 30 in February, 35 in March, 31 in April, and 39 in May. Men killed at least 36 women in June.

36 women murdered

Men killed at least 172 women in the first five months of 2017, while 36 women were killed in June. Among the murdered women there were women who wanted to get a divorce; who were under police protection;, who made decisions about their own lives;, and who protected another woman.

72% of the men were known to their victims

72% of the murdered women were murdered by men they know. 19 percent of the women were killed under suspicious circumstances and

8% were murdered by men they did not know. One passed away as a result of being struck by an armored vehicle.

Male violence against 48 women

In June, 48 women were subjected to physical, verbal, and psychological violence. One woman was driven to suicide as a result of systematic male violence

16 women killed in job killings

In June, casualties on the job resulted in the death of 16 women workers.

19 instances of child abuse

Along with violence against women, harassment, and murder, child abuse and murder have also shown an increase. While dozens of children are being exploited by men every month, state officials are pushing legislation that legitimizes the exploitation of children on the parliamentary agenda, and the Ministry of Family and Social Policy is blaming children themselves for their abuse .

Men feeling empowered by these rulings and discourses sexually abused 19 children in June.

One child murdered by the state, six children murdered by relatives

In June, eight children passed away in a suspicious way, while seven children lost their life as a result of accidents. Again in June, one child was murdered by the state, and six children were murdered by their male relatives.

208 women were murdered in six months

Men killed 37 women in January, 30 in February, 35 in March, 31 in April, and 39 in May. Including the data from June, men have killed at least 208 women in the first six months of this year.