‘The Kurdish people never think of a life without leadership’

Rufen Goman

GIRKE LEGE – The Individual Management Counsellor Mizgin Ahmed has called attention to assimilation on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan. She noted ‘’Oppressive political regimes have failed against the Kurds. The Kurdish people will never leave the legacy of resistance and struggle.’’

The Management Counsellor Mizgin Ahmed assessed the assimilation on PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan. Mizgin said that the paradigm of the PKK leader wasted the international and hegemonic powers’ plans on the Middle East. ‘’Isolation is the result of special politics. As the plans of the hegemonic powers are ruined, isolation is becoming more and more aggravated and war is being waged in the four parts of Kurdistan. They want to reduce the voice of leadership. But they will not succeed,’’ Mizgin said.

‘Kurdish people do not lead life without leadership’

Mizgin explained Abdullah Öcalan’s ideology and philosophy: ‘’Öcalan’s paradigm applies by not only for the Kurdish people but for all other people. The Kurdish people never think of a life without leadership. Here, we can say that the slogan ‘No life without leadership’ comes to life. We can see this in the lives, actions and ideas of the Kurdish people not only in Kurdistan, but in the fields and actions for leadership in the whole world.’

‘Abdullah Öcalan’s perspectives are alive in Rojava’

Mizgin said Öcalan’s democratic nation paradigm has come alive in Northern Syria., ‘’We must bring this paradigm to the people,” she said, “so that everyone recognizes themselves and their identity and has a democratic society. If we do this, we will be able to wipe away assimilation. Leadership has been talking about the unity of the Kurds for years. The systems have broken Kurdish people by enforcing dirty policies on them for thousands of years. Many parties benefited from this and now they do not want the Kurds to be united.” Recognizing that this is a historical moment for the Kurdish people, Mizgin said,‘’We congratulate the Kurdistan National Congress in this respect. Tevgera Civaka Democratic (TEV-DEM) part of Democratic Autonomy in Rojava, also achieved success.”

‘Kobane is proof ’

Mizgin concluded her statement: ‘’The Turkish state is trying to attack Rojava, especially Şehba and Efrin. The attacks show how hard be in difficulty the Turkish giants are. It shows that the plans for the Middle East are going backwards. As the Turkish state did not join the Raqqa operation, civilians are bombed and killed. They are trying to get revenge this way. Civilians were murdered by bombs. The politics of the Turkish state have failed. They won’t win anything in negotiations with neither Russia nor with Barzani. The people of Rojava, especially Efrin, say they will protect themselves against attack. The example of Kobane is proof of that.’’