Şenay works in construction sector for 16 years

Şilan Özhan

BATMAN – Şenay Şen has worked in the construction building for 16 years in Batman and she has achieved great success at the point of gender inequality. “Be courageous”, Şenay told the women and added, “The women mostly do better works than men. Professions don’t have any gender and women can do everything if they believe in themselves.

Classical social gender norms show themselves in in every sphere of our lives. Social gender norms have been imposed on us when we are children saying pink is for girls and blue is for boys and they show themselves in different sizes as we grow. While the women are seen as the persons stay at home, the men are seen as the persons go out and work and bring money to homes. We face social gender inequality in professions, too. While the men can do every job, the women work in jobs that are easier and have less income. But Şenay Şen, who lives in Batman, destroys these norms by building houses for 16 years.

‘My grandfather called me as master when I was a child’

Saying that she has been interested in construction and repair works since she was a child, Şenay said, “We had a woodhouse when I was child. I had pliers, nails and hammers there. I always made something there. My grandfather saw that and he called me as ‘Master Şenay, she will be a master when she grows’. I was interested in construction and repair works. When something didn’t work at home, I repaired them. I didn’t let them to call someone else.” One of Şenay’s friends didn’t want to buy a construction store due to it was old. Şenay said, “I told them I can but it and rebuild it. I didn’t work this sector professionally that time. My friend bought it and we rebuilt it.”

Then the people started to ask who built the store, Şenay said, “When the people asked themselves, I began to take works. Everyone started to suggest me to each other. I talked to contractors and I told them to give me the works. After finishing the works, they liked my work and started to call me when they have a work. I want both the workers and employers become happy. I do this job fondly that’s why my works are good. My greatest supporter is my mother. She always supports and encourages me. She always tells me ‘Cowardice cause death but courage leads victory’. Todays, I have a lot of works and sometimes I have to refuse some of them.”

Şenay says to the women. ‘Be courageous’ and she added, “The women shouldn’t give up if they have a goal. Women can do everything if they believe in themselves. The women work more rigorous and they are detailer; for this reason, they work better.”