‘Occupation’ build-up at Efrin border!

NEWS CENTER- Turkish military activity in Rojava’s Efrin Canton continues. While local sources report that Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) is deploying heavy weapons on 12 points within the scope of occupation preparations and attacks towards the canton, Hêvîn Reşît, member of Law Founder Assembly of Efrîn Canton, says the people’s joy will bring the revolution and added, “Dictators can be turned over by popular resistance. We will fight and resist by turning our direction to frontlines.”

The increasing Turkish military build-up at border of Elî Karo and Bîkê villages in Bilbile district of Rojava’s Efrîn Canton is in evidence. According to reports given by local sources, many soldiers have been deployed in the area and watch towers in the Çerçili village of Kilis across the Elî Karo and Bîkê villages are set up and the borderline is lightening with projectors and the civilians are being targeted. The soldiers have also set up three tents between Bilbilê’s Bîkê village and Kilis’ Çerçili village. The ammunition, tanks and military vehicles have been positioned around the tents.

In additional, soldiers open fire on the journalists wanting to take footage of the military activity.

12 military headquarters have been set up around Efrin

Local sources also report that FSA groups controlled by the Turkish Armed Forces have positioned Katyusha rockets and howitzer in 12 villages and the activities of jihadist groups backed by Turkish Armed Forces and FSA continue around Azez, el-Rai, Mare and Adlib cities. The 12 villages have been turned into military headquarters.

Self-defense preparation meetings

On the other hand, laborers, teachers, women and the people receive training for self-defence in Efrin, where mobilization has been declared. Members and administrators of the Civilian Defense Force (HPC) held an emergency meeting. The Executive Committee of the Movement For A Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) Management member Roza Xelîl talked during the meeting and said that all people living in the canton will defense themselves.

İlham Ehmed: We will resist all kinds of attacks

Syrian Democratic Council Co-chair İlham Ehmed said, “The Democratic Syrian Federation project, which develops day by day in North Syria, is an important example of the democratization of the region. Turkish state is attacking wherever there is a Kurdish and trying to prevent all kinds of democratic system that develops in the region. Efrîn people gave a good message to occupation attempt by organizing a march in the past few days.”

Hêvîn Reşît, member of Law Founder Assembly of Efrîn Canton, spoke to Gazete Şûjin regarind the preparation in the canton and he underlined that Efrin people will never give their city to other people. Hêvîn said, “The people formed the carton by their own will. The AKP government cannot enter our lands easily. Turkish state says they will attack the people through the media. They have their account and plan. Efrîn young people will protect themselves. If needed, we will leave our pencils and books and take up arms. We will fight and resist by turning our direction to frontline. Efrîn and Shehba people will join forces and they will turn all attacks.”