No service from Mardin’s both governor and trustee!

Mardin – Governor Mustafa Yaman, who was appointed to Mardin Metropolitan Municipality as trustee, in the place of elected mayor, hasn’t provided the public service since November. The people reacted to the only service of the municipality that is to build the road and said, “There is no difference between going to municipality and police station. If a governor is appointed to the municipality, there won’t be service.”

Trustees were appointed to municipalities governed by the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) following the declaration of the state of emergency just after the attempted coup. One of these trustees was appointed to Mardin Metropolitan Municipality in the place of elected co-mayors. First, Mardin Governor Mustafa Yaman was appointed as Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Mardin on November. The appointed trustee has provided no public service since November. While he has used the municipal building as police station, he has also fired nearly 200 people working for the municipality. The people complaining about the trustee say there is no service in the city.

‘Entering the police station is easier’

Since the appointment of trustee, nearly 200 employees have been fired in the municipality and the Women’s Policies Department was closed down. The municipality, where dozens of women employees were fired, is now being used as police station. There are still special police officers in the municipal building. The people can’t enter the building easily. People, who see the sieged municipal building like an open prison, say, “Entering the police station building is easier than entering the municipal building. They use it as headquarters. We face many difficulties to do our works in the municipality like many districts. Particularly, we go through many searches until we enter to the Kızıltepe municipal building. Though the municipality belongs to people but we can’t enter. The public service is just the building of roads for them. If a governor is appointed to the municipality, of course there won’t be any service.”

Shopkeepers react to the practices!

The shopkeepers, who said that trustee hasn’t had any works for the city, mentioned that trustee has no benefit but harm them a lot. The shopkeepers complained about the closure of Bazaar Avenue on the excuse of traffic jam on weekends and they said, “We only sit until evening from the morning on the weekends. Our work went down after this practice. All shopkeepers are complained about that. We have the most of customers on weekends.”

He put his signature to the municipal project!

Taking over all of the works conducted by former municipality, the appointed trustee put his signature under ‘Vertical Tree’ project prepared by the former municipal workers. The ready project was put into practice this month.