No news from 2 women detained in Kızıltepe 10 days ago!

MARDİN – Leyla Kazak and Zeytin Satıcı were allegedly taken into custody in Mardin’s Kızıltepe district 10 days ago during an ID check. As no information regarding two the detention of two women has given to the lawyers, who applied to gendarmerie and police stations. Eyewitnesses say they concern about two women’s lives.

According to reports received, the two women had been detained about 10 days ago near the border. The anonymous eyewitnesses reported that the names of two women detained during an ID check are Leyla Kazak and Zeytin Satıcı and two women were taken to the police station.

The lawyers went to the gendarmerie and police stations to ask “if two women are detained or not” but they didn’t have any reply.

Another eyewitness stated that the two women had been subjected to torture and said that they concern about their lives.