Maya who joins YPJ: Daesh will pay for everything

Ruhenda Amed

RAQQA – The fighters are approach to hope in Raqqa day by day. Many women, who are wating for these days, have announce their decisions when they first see the YPJ fighters and they join the fighters. 18-year-old Maya El Hadi is one of these women. She decided to join the YPJ when she heard the YPJ member Varşin Perver lost her life on the day Maya was rescued. “Daesh will pay for everything”, said Maya.

The phase to liberate Raqqa, launched under the name “the Great Battle”, has left its 41 days behind. Every moment of historical operation is a great resistance. You see the faces of 18, 20 and 25 years old young women in every position. The reason for being in Raqqa is different for each one. But they all have a joint purpose; rescue their people from the darkness of hell and make their people free; make them feel preciousness and build a new life for their people.

Violent clashes are going on

The violent clashes are going on between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Daesh gangs in almost all streets and neighborhoods waiting to be liberated. Even if Daesh gangs use the civilians as human shield when they don’t find anyplace to run away, they aren’t very successful in the presence of the SDF fighters’ experience and sensitivity. Thousands of civilians in each liberated street and neighborhood have been transferred to safe areas by the SDF fighters. As intense clashes are going on in old Raqqa and Rewda neighborhoods, the SDF fighters have taken the control of most of historical walls in Raqqa.

Breaking of the darkness of hell

SDF fighters advancing to Raqqa known as Daesh gangs’ capital are witnessing Daesh gangs’ brutality in everywhere. And they try to remove the brutality’s traces. Sometimes, they hold a mother’s hands they take from clashes areas along with her baby and sometimes they become a hope for the frightened children and elders by giving them water. The most important moment is when they say, “It is over now” to the people and they hang on the people’s every word. SDF Hurriye (SDF Freedom) and breaking of the darkness of hell not only tell of the dark past but also give the good news of a hopeful future.

YPJ has a great role

The YPJ fighters have a great role in the Raqqa operation because the most women and children suffer from the war. Even though the grief of each woman, who were rescued from Daesh, is same, each of them have different story. The YPJ fighters understand once again how their struggle is right when they listen each of these stories. The YPJ fighters give their words to carry rainbow in the city to break the darkness of Daesh gangs.

Maya met the YPJ

Maya El Hadi is just one of the women joining the YPJ. She joined the YPJ after she had been rescued. 18-year-old Maya was born in Raqqa and she lived with her family in Selhabiye village. She was 13-year-old when Daesh occupied Raqqa. Maya wasn’t allowed to continue her education. “The first step into darkness continued for five years,” said Maya.

‘Our childhood dreams were stolen’

Let’s listen to Maya: “I was 13 years old. Daesh forced us to forget our childhood. They stole our childhood dreams. They forced us to wear black burqas. Daesh put us in darkness not only outside but also at our homes. Whole Raqqa was in dark. Everywhere was black and a hell.”

‘I saw Öcalan and I made up my mind’

Maya stated that they had been deprived of everything for five years and she mentioned that they hadn’t had any communication with the world. Maya said she had watched TV at home secretly. One day, she saw the PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan on Rohani Channel and she watched the YPJ footage. She was impressed a lot by the discourses and ideas of Abdullah Öcalan, as well as the footages of the YPJ fighters. “I was impressed a lot by the footages and ideas and the value and meaning given to the women. I started to dream of the day I join the YPJ,” said Maya El Hadi.

Maya had seen many Êzidî women were brought to the city and sold in the market. “The gangs ignored the women and they killed thousands of women in various ways,” said Maya.

‘I looked forward to see the YPJ fighters’

Maya continued to talk about the past and she said, “We couldn’t even go out from home. I had looked forward the YPJ fighters to come to the city. I breathed deeply when I heard the YPJ fighters entered the city. I believed the SDF and YPJ fighters would bring freedom to Raqqa. I wanted to join the YPJ almost immediately.”

‘I got the name of Varşin Perver’

Maya joined the YPJ a week ago and she got her new name. When we asked her new name, she said, “Varşin Rakka” and she started to explain why she got this name: “Varşin Perver, one of the YPJ fighters came to Raqqa to rescue us, fell a martyr. I got her name to keep her alive in my struggle. I am proud to have her name.”

‘I will take the revenge of what we faced’

Maya stated that she would take the revenge of what they faced for five years and added, “Daesh will pay for everything.”