Makbule: Ergani’s only woman business manager

Duygu Ciniviz

DIYARBAKIR – Makbule Karakaya, has a restaurant, is the first woman business manager in Ergani. Makbule says, “Women should continue their struggle in both economic and politics fields.”

Unemployment continues to increase day by day in Kurdistan and particularly women and the society are affected from it. Women are creating their own alternatives and economic areas despite that. 53-year-old Makbule Karakay, who created her own alternative economy, has been in the food sector for three and half years. Makbule said “I was making a great effort for years for the women to build their own independent economies and stay on their own feet. In this sense, I understand more about the importance of the struggle with the restaurant that I opened. Women should believe in themselves and have self-confident in order to succeed.”

‘Many women opened new business enterprises to struggle’

Makbule stated that there were a few women shopkeepers in Ergani when she opened the restaurant; she said many women have opened new business enterprises in line with struggle against every difficulty. She noted that women are involved in many fields of work such as textiles and glassware in Ergani in the last period. Makbule said she was a home worker before opening the restaurant, “Before we opened the restaurant, we were trying to live on with our retirement salary. However, it is impossible to make a living with the retirement salary under the current conditions of the country. That’s why I opened the restaurant to contribute to the home economy even though I hadn’t had experience before.”

‘Women should continue their struggle in the economic field’

Underlining that the Ergani district is an important center for the women’s struggle, Makbule says, “Women living in a district, where is in the center of politics, should also create their own independent economies. In this sense, women should continue their struggle in the economic area as well as in politics area.”