Hediye Yusif: They try to cover up their defeats with occupation attacks

GIRKÊ LEGÊ – Northern Syria Democratic Federation Assembly Co-Chairs Hediye Yusif said, “They (Turkey) try to cover up their defeats with occupation attacks,” during a meeting held in Girkê Legê.

The Diplomacy Committee of the Executive Committee of the Movement For A Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) in Girkê Legê organized a meeting to evaluate the situation in Syria and Middle East. Dozens, including Northern Syria Democratic Federation Assembly Co-Chairs Hediye Yusif, Diplomacy Committee of the TEV-DEM Co-chairs Eyhan Murad and Ebdulselam Ehmed, attended the meeting.

Hediye Yusif made evaluations on the agenda during the meeting held at Aram Tigran Culture and Art Center. Stating that the world war III is going on the region, Hediye said a solution in Syria will be a model for the solution of ongoing crisis in the Middle East. Hediye also said armed groups appeared in Syria due to the intervention of many regions and countries have in Syria, so that the crisis in Syria grew and many cities fell into ruin.

Recalling the acquirements of Rojava revolution, Hediye indicated that Northen Syrian democratic forces are the only forces that protect the region and develop a democratic solution in the region.

Hediye also mentioned the Turkish indirect and direct attacks on Rojava cantons and she said, “Turkish state is against all parties wanting a solution of the Syrian crisis. They want to form the period during Ottoman Empire by occupying the Syrian lands. They lost in Syria. That’s why they are trying to cover up their defeated policies. Turkey allied with Syrian regime, Iran and Russia to occupy Efrin and Shehba regions to cover up their defeat.”

The meeting ended after question and answer session.