Gamze Yalçın: Psychic torture is at the highest level in Turkey

DİYARBAKIR – While psychic torture come into prominence in Turkey along with physical torture, TİHV Board member and lawyer Gamze Yalçın said the psychic torture has reached to the highest level in Turkey. Gamze pointed out the impunity policy at this point.

The dimension of torture deepening during the blockade of cities during the curfews declared in self-governance areas and after the declaration of state of emergency has overflowed in the streets. Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TİHV) Board member and lawyer Gamze Yalçın said the torture has been practiced in Turkey for years and it contunes. She pointed out that the most important reason for turture to be at the highest level is the impunity policy in Turkey. Gamze emphasized that the perpetrators of torture are released by the courts and they are protected.

Expressing that many civilians lost their lives during the curfews, Gamze said that Turkey did not fulfill the positive and negative obligations of international law. Gamze, who stated that they report what is going on as a human rights organization, said an investigation was opened against them for their report by officials, who have to investigate the findings in the report. Gamze highlighted that the torture practices in Turkey has reached to the highest level along with the killing of civilians during curfews, the torture in prisons, torture practices on patient prisoners and torture policies practiced in prisons for children following the state of emergency after July 15.

‘Torture cases increase in Kurdistan’

Gamze said the torture cases intensively increase. Stating that the numbers of torture cases they have aren’t the real number, Gamze said, “Torture cases shouldn’t be viewed statistically. These numbers are only the applications made to us by officially detained citizens. There are also the unofficial detained people, who faced torture and maltreatment. When we add them to the report, we know that the torture is still practiced in Turkey systematically.”