Dilek Atsan: Ottomanist politics has failed

DIYARBAKIR – Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Council Member Dilek Atsan, commenting on the attacks of Turkey’s attacks against Efrin, said, “Turkey knows that Kurds will win status with the Rojava revolution. The aim is to leave the Kurds without status and without an identity. At this point, Turkey’s foreign policy approach of

‘Ottomanism’ has failed.”

DTK Council Member Dilek Atsan commented on Turkey’s attacks on Efrin. She noted that the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) are seen as a democratic power in the Middle East and watched with the interest of the world. Dilek said, “Imagine, they’re resisting and protecting people against a brutal force like Daesh. They give their lives to protect people and without expecting anything in return. Then they [Turkey] get up and prove with their accusations that they just want to turn things to their advantage. We can say that the perception they want to create about the Kurds in Syria using foreign policy has failed, or even that politics has failed. The people there see the formation [of the YPG and YPJ] as their hope and salvation. Also, we see that the powers of the foreign states also support this.’’

‘The goal is to leave the Kurds without status’

Dilek said that, ‘’they know that Kurds will earn a status with the Rojava revolution.” She continued, “The goal is to leave the Kurds without status and without an identity. The ‘Ottomanism’ approach applied to foreign policy has failed at this point. It is not normal to intervene so much outside of your own land. The fact of the YPG and YPJ reality, which takes a stance against brutality, democratizes the Middle East, and is not bigoted, is very disturbing for a ruling power that governs the country with an autocratic regime. But this process is no longer one that will just end based on one person’s. The process has developed in a way that favours the Kurds. Of course, every group has their own interests when it comes to the Kurds, but it is possible to see there’s a ground for the Kurds to create their own policies. “I can say that the attack on Efrin was intended to eliminate all these developments that we can observe.”