Committees affiliated to the assembly formed in Shengal

NEWS CENTER- Shengal Autonomous Administrative Assembly Co-chair Rîham Hico stated that they have formed committees affiliated to the assembly and that they started works.

Shengal Autonomous Administrative Assembly have formed committees and started their works. In an interview with Hawar News Agency (ANHA), Shengal Autonomous Administrative Assembly Co-chair Rîham Hico pointed out that the Shengal Êzidîs’ Constituent Assembly was found at the beginning of 2015, after the attack in 2014.

Mentioning that the assembly has a major role in the fields of social, service, diplomacy and politics, Rîham said, “The assembly has worked for rights and cases of Êzidîs on the systems causing edicts towards Êzidîs. Following the growing of population in Shengal, other developments are needed in organization area. A conference was held on this basis. 400 delegates comprised of Êzidîs’ social and political organizations attended the conference. Shengal Autonomous Administrative Assembly was decided to be found in the conference.”

Committees have been formed in liberated areas of Shengal

Rîham evaluated their works following the founding of the assembly and she reported that meetings were held in the committees formed within the structure of the assembly and that they discussed on organizational mechanisms in the first month. Pointing out that they have also formed a committee to organize the liberated southern regions, Rîham said this committee will serve the public in service, organizational, security and social fields.

“There are some sections that don’t want Êzidîs living in Shengal to organize. These sections are trying to organize the society against the assembly; But Shengal people accept the assembly. We want the will and the existence of the Êzidîs to be recognized by whole world by carrying out our struggle. If they accept us, we will accept them,” said Rîham regarding how the Assembly’s works will be carried out by the people.

Rîham specified the works to be carried out by the assembly as follows;

“*It will try to reach all Êzidîs living around the world by organizing the society in Shengal.

*To rescue Shenagl Êzidîs abducted by Daesh.

*To give support to the families having financial and emotional damages.

*To empower the organization of Êzidî women.”

Rîham also said, “Êzidîs find an opportunity to govern themselves for the first time. Each of Êzidî should organize themselves wherever they live.”