Bese Erzincan: We aim at taking the lead of the national unity

SULAIMANIYA- KJK Coordination member Bese Erzincan said that the purpose of the Kurdish women’s conference is to ensure the women’s unity and to carry out joint work. Kurdistan Communities of Women (Kongreya Jinên Kurdistan-KJK) Coordination member Bese Erzincan talked about 3.National Kurdish Women’s Conference held in Sulaimaniya with the participation of women’s organizations and women representatives of political parties from four parts of Kurdistan and abroad.

‘Women lead the national unity’

Expressing that the conference is a historic step, Bese recalled that their purpose is to hold 3.National Kurdish Women’s Conference. Saying that their purpose is to ensure the Kurdish women’s unity and to carry a joint work, Bese said, “As it is known, Kurdish women have been respected by all over the world in the last three years for their experiences and efforts. The Kurdish women have carried out important works in political, military and social areas. Our aim is to share our experiences to each other and to ensure the Kurdish women’s national unity, to revive national consciousness.”

Bese stated that they have difficulties in ensuring national unity in general and she added, “As women, we are aiming at take the lead of the all our peoples’ national unity by ensuring our own national unity.”

‘We have been in parts until now’

Highlighting that the women face many problems, Bese finalized her talk as follows; “We want to prepare an environment to have a joint discuss and to express our opinion and action. Because there are various problems in Kurdistan. There are many issues needs to take joint attitude. However, we have been in part until now and we couldn’t form our unity. Our purpose is to struggle by forming the women’s unity and comradeship in all over Kurdistan. The purpose of our ongoing conference is that.”