6 human rights defenders jailed, 4 released

ISTANBUL – Six of 10 human rights defenders detained on July 5 whilst attending a workshop in Istanbul’s Büyükada have been jailed. The reason for imprisonment of the human rights defenders, who had been targeted by the government’s media outlets since they were detained, is showed as “helping a terrorist organization”.

On July 5, 10 human rights defenders were detained in Istanbul’s Büyükada Island whilst attending a workshop. The 10 human rights defenders were sent to the court for arrest at midnight. Their testimony procedure continued until morning. İdil Eser (Amnesty International in Turkey), Günal Kurşun (human Rights Agenda Association), Ali Garawi (IT strategy consultant), Peter Steudtner (Non-violence and wellbeing trainer) and Veli Acu (Human Rights Agenda Association) have been jailed on the suspicion of “helping an organization (terrorist)”.

Other detained four human rights defenders İlknur Üstün (Women’s Coalition), Nalan Erkem (Citizens Association), Nejat Taştan (Equal Rights Watch Association) and Şeyhmuz Özbekli ( Rights Initiative) have been released on bail.

They were targeted

Human rights defenders had been targeted by the government media outlets since they were detained and they were showed as target by President Tayyip Erdoğan interfering in the judicial process