253rd day of resistance in Yüksel: 3 people detained

ANKARA – “We want our jobs back” protest has continued at Ankara’s Yüksel Avenue for 253 days. The people wanted to issue a press statement; however, the police attacked them and detained three people, including a woman.

Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça have been on a hunger strike for 133 days. The protest “We want our jobs back” staged at Ankara’s Yüksel Avenue has entered in the 253rd day. The people gathered in Konur Street to issue a press statement in front of Human Rights Monument to support Nuriye and Semih, as well as to be reinstated.

The people unfurled a banner reading, “Nuriye and Semih are on hunger strike for 133 days. Nuriye and Semih should be reinstated”. The police didn’t allow the people to enter Yüksel Avenue and attacked the people. Three people, including a woman, were detained by the police.