Women’s solidarity growing from Fiskaya to Sur against demolition

Melike Aydın

DİYARBAKIR- Fiskaya women say the support to those who resisting against the ongoing demolition in Diyarbakır’s Sur district and add, “If we stay silent against the demolition in Sur, the turn will come to us… We won’t leave our homes if the turn comes to us.”

The demolition in the Alipaşa and Lalebey neighborhoods of Diyarbakır’s historic Sur district has continued along with electricity and water cut since May 23. The citizens, who are given a time to evacuate their homes until Ramadan Feast, have resisted against the demolition in solidarity. About a month ago, the governorate made a meeting with the mukhtars of Diyarbakır’s Yenişehir, Kayapınar, Sur and Bağlar districts. ‘Urgent Expropriation’ order can be issued for Fiskaya Neighborhood within the scope of urban transformation projects if Tigris Valley Project is carried out. Fiskaya women, who have support the resistance of Sur people without waiting their turn to come, say they won’t leave their homes.

‘The state has desire to take homes of poor people’

Living in Fiskaya for about 40 years, Hamide Yılmaz expressed that the demolition in Sur upsets her deeply and the state has desire to take poor people’s homes. Hamide said, “All people living in Sur are trying to have a living by their bootstraps like us. They cannot live in building complex. We are from Fiskaya and we don’t want to face the same thing they are facing. My husband’s sister also lived in Sur, they had to leave their homes and now they have economic difficulties. They even don’t have a tent.”

Stating that Sur has another meaning for Diyarbakır people, Hamide said, “Sur is like a home for each Diyarbakır people. When we didn’t feel good, we went to there and we felt better. The center of Diyarbakır was Sur but the people were forced to leave their homes. What is going on in Sur now will be done in Fiskaya. They used the clashes in Sur as an excuse to demolish there. We will see which excuse they will use for Fiskaya. We will resist like Sur people if they try to demolish Fiskaya.”

‘They cannot carry out urban transformation if the people don’t want it’

Maşallah Tanrıkulu said, “All changes are made in poor neighborhoods in Diyarbakır. Why do they force the poor people to leave their homes? They want to give these lands to some people under the name of urban transformation project. They will bring different people to here by forcing us to leave our homes.”

‘Sur is a part of Kurdish history’

Lorin Ayhan said, “Sur and Fiskaya are our memory. I always stand by Sur people; no one should leave their homes. Sur is a part of Kurdish history. We won’t let them to change this. We should support those who resisting against the demolition in Sur more. At the end, we will win.”