Women take place in civil assemblies in Raqqa

RAQQA- Raqqa women rescued from Deash gangs take an active role in civil assemblies founded in the villages of the city.

In Raqqa’s villages, where have been liberated after Operation Wrath of the Euphrates launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the works for founding “Civil Assembly in Raqqa” have begun. Village assemblies have been founded in al-Celai, Işbêliyê, al-Hikûmiyê, al-Kedro, al-Nehze and al-Ebasiyê following public meetings in the villages. While the women faced the atrocity of Daesh have taken an active role in the assemblies, they have participated in works for the first time and they have founded their own assemblies.

Defense committee, service committee and peace committee have also been founded within the structure of the assemblies. The founded committees will carry out works in the villages.