Women produce yogurt and cheese in Şilêr shop

Felek Mûsa

QAMISHLO – While the women working for Şilêr shop affiliated to the Women’s Economy Center of Kongra Star have tried to meet the needs of the people, they have also formed their independent economy.

The women basing on communal life in every sphere of life have begun to carry out their works in an organized manner following the Revolution in Rojava. The organizations for women to work for in a communal way have been opened after the Revolution in Rojava. The Women’s Economy Center, which has been opened led by Kongra Star, is one of these organizations supporting the women. Within this framework, Şilêr shop was opened on February 18 in the Qamishlo city of Cizîr Canton. Yogurt and cheese have been produced in the shop. The women meet the needs of the people and also form their independent economy through the shop.

‘We do everything for the people’

Gulse Yûnis, one of the women working for the shop, states that the women have the opportunity to return to the culture of communal life through the revolution took place in Rojava. Gulse says, “Our purpose is to do everything for the people. Our priority is not to make money but to serve the people. We produce yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese according to the peoples’ needs. We produce everything from milk. We try to support our people as far as possible.”

‘The women are working with great enthusiasm’

Safiye Baqî notes that she has working for the shop since it was opened and says, “I cannot explain how I am happy to work here. Because we receive a recompense for our work. Our aim is to make women’s effort visible. We are ready to do whatever we can. The women have worked together with great enthusiasm and they have stood up for their labor and homeland. We aim to not depend on foreign countries though our production.”