Refika invites women to produce

VAN – Refika Çağan, who started the greenhouse with a small orchard in the Yeşilova (Sulî) neighborhood of Erciş, has formed her own economy by founding a big greenhouse for 20 years. Refika addresses the women and says, “Women do not have to be the employees of the others, every woman should form their own economy.”

Women, representing the cultural and natural life, continue to process fertile lands of Kurdistan with fertile hands. The women, who spend most of their time in the Serhat region doing agriculture, also form their economies in this way. Refika Çağan (55) living in the Yeşilova (Sulî) neighborhood of Van’s Erciş district, began her business 20 years ago by setting up a small orchard and then she founded a big greenhouse under difficult conditions. Refika, who makes a living from the greenhouse, also support the women to form their own greenhouse by giving them her natural vegetables and seedlings.

Greenhouse for 20 years

Refika described the process of forming her greenhouse as follows: “One day we sat together with my husband, we exchanged views on how we could get our free economic with our own production. Then the idea of the orchard emerged. At first we had a small orchard and slowly we founded our greenhouse. I have been doing green housing for 20 years. Even though it doesn’t meet our expectations, we make a living from it.”

‘As women, we like to produce’

Indicating that they work with family members in the greenhouse as collectively, Refika noted that they sell the vegetables growing in the orchard in the market though her husband. Refika said, “As women, we like to produce, each of our products is as valuable as our children.”

‘We use natural fertilizers for vegetables and fruits’

Underlining that they do not use hormonal products for fruits and vegetables and they use completely natural products, Refika, said, “We definitely don’t use hormonal products or chemical drugs. We usually use natural fertilizers. We have never bought any fertilizer from outside. That’s why our products are very delicious and many people prefer to buy the products from us. Particularly in the summer, people come to buy our products. Mostly we produce tomato, pepper, eggplant, greens vegetables, strawberries and watermelon.”

‘We produce by ourselves without receiving any help’

Saying that they haven’t received any support from the state to form the greenhouse, Refika said they produced by themselves without receiving any help. Stating that they sell the products to markets and the people by themselves, Refika continued as: “We don’t want to earn more. The people’s satisfaction and pray makes us happy. There is not much price difference between our vegetables and the hormanal vegetables sold in markets.”

‘Women do not have to be employees of the others’

Expressing that the women living in her neighborhood are interested in the greenhouses, Refika stated that every woman has the power to form her own garden. Refika said, “Most women take seedlings from us and begin to produce. Each woman can make money from their gardens own production in the future. The women do not have to be employees of the others.”