Pervin Buldan: We set our roadmap against to isolation

Şehriban Aslan

DIYARBAKIR – PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan has been practicing for years on the massive isolation, the member of İmralı Delegation and HDP Istanbul deputy Pervin Buldan, who has been attracting attention and said that the road map drawn by women as a strong voice against to isolation.

No discussions have been held with PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan since 5 April 2015. Finally, on September 12, 2016, a meeting with Mehmet Öcalan was held, which resulted in the Kurdish politicians entering a hunger strike. Pervin Buldan, the member of İmralı Delegation and HDP Istanbul deputy, who is one of the last ones to meet with Abdullah Öcalan, who has been held under massive isolation conditions since 5 April. Pervin said that the negotiations for the abolition of the isolation on Abdullah Öcalan remained inconclusive. Pervin said, ‘’Since April 5, 2015, one of my last meeting with Mr. Öcalan was mine and then losing contact. Negotiations are blocked by the state. We are not taking any concrete steps as a result of the negotiations we have done with the state authorities.’’

‘We have drawn our roadmap for removal of isolation’

Pervin said that, with the government, did not conclude the talks on the removal of isolation on Abdullah Öcalan. As Kurdish people and women, she said that they had drawn a road map to remove the isolation, said that they would make a stronger voice as women. Pervin says, ‘’The public should get reaction rather than to take a step by the state and government. Maybe this way we can take this opportunity to remove of isolation. We will make this pioneer as women. A road map was excavated at the meeting held in Diyarbakır. With this road map, we will put this road map together with Mr. Öcalan to remove the isolation and resume the talks.’’

‘Living crisis is linked to isolation’

Pervin noted that Turkey’s economic and political crisis, as well as the existing state of emergency and chaos, linking status to no meeting with Abdullah Öcalan, and that meetings with Abdullah Öcalan are important. Pervin underscored the importance of the activities and campaigns to be carried out by Kurdish woman to remove the isolation on Abdullah Öcalan and to restore the talks.

‘Öcalan’s role is great’

Abdullah Öcalan expressed his sensitivity to women’s issues, adding that all the attacks against women were linked to isolation. Pervin pointed out that the country had a bloodless process in talks with Abdullah Öcalan and said, ‘’The role of Öcalan in the process of airless peace is huge. Increasing violence against women gave crucial perspectives for stopping sexual abuse and massacres. When we shared the meetings we had with Öcalan with women’s organizations, a way was observed in this regard. As cutting off talks with Öcalan, the pressure against women, violence, massacres, sexual abuse cases also increased.’’

‘The women’s issue was discussed in every meeting’

Pervin reminded that Abdullah Öcalan had said that the process of negotiations without women would not progress. Finally, Öcalan is the biggest factor until women come together and exhibit a common attitude and struggle. He has a great role in the emancipation and the struggle of women. We had women and problems on the agenda every time we did meeting. It is absolutely debated for the solution of the problems. Very serious messages have been given to the state and the AKP on women’s issue. Of course, Öcalan’s involvement with the women’s issue is linked to the struggle for freedom given by women.’’