Making a dream come true: The foundations of the first house are laid in Jinwar

Sureya Aydın

DIRBESIYE –Jinwar, women’s village is developing step by step. The foundation of the first ecological house designed by female architects has been laid in the village. “We are creating a model for the world here. We make the life in our dream come true in Jinwar,” said the women.

The construction of a women’s village near Dirbesiye city of Rojava’s Cizire Canton led by Jinaoloji and Free Women’s Foundation has continued. The women, who started to build the village on February, stay in the houses they restored but now they start to build their own houses. All projects of jinwar village began to be built on March 10, 2017 have been designed by the women. The women have laid the foundations of 20 houses in the village until now and they are planning to lay the foundations of more 10 houses. The women from Rojava and other places visit Jinwar village and support the women in the village.

Jinwar committee comprises of five institutions

Kongra Star member Emine Heliz gave information about their project and said, “We have formed a committee to do all works in Jinwar village in an organized manner. Our committee comprises of a member of each five institutions. In the committee, we also have members of Kongra Star, Martyr families’s Association, jineoloji and municipality. All of us are from other institutions and we support each other. Our goal is to complete the construction of several houses until feast. Most of people working in the village are women.”

Saying that they purpose to build Jinwar village is to show the women can satnd on their own legs, Emine added, “In society, the women are thought they cannot do anything by themselves. But the women in Jinwar will govern themselves and they will do everything by themselves. Jinwar has the power to govern itself in economic field.”

Kongra Star Spokesperson Wlide Botî is one of the women visiting the Jinwar village. Wlide said, “We wanted to found this village in accordance with women’s opinions and recommendations. As we always say, let’s build houses according to our nature by leaving high rise buildings. A life with women and nature is sacred. The women should resist against the destruction of nature. We make the life in our dream come true in Jinwar. Jinwar is a model project.”

‘The world should hear our voice’

Kongra Star member Ranya Mihemed said, “We aim at making our voice to be heard by whole world. All women should know that a women’s village is being built here. A women’s village should be built in everywhere not only here.”

30 houses are being built’

Emina Hesen, responsible for the economy of the commune in Jinwar village, said, “We plan to build 30 houses at first step. I meet all needs of the women working here. I am so happy to work in Jinwar.”