Exploitation of women’s labor in silk production factory

DİYARBAKIR – Zeynep Altın, who works in silk production factories in Kulp and her labor is exploited, says that conditions are hard but she has to work.

For silk production, one of the two most important activities in the Kulp district of Diyarbakır, two members from almost every home in the district take place in the production process. Zeynep Altın, who works in silk production factories where women work intensively, says, “Even our working conditions are tiring and our salary doesn’t meet our labor, we have to work as women.”

‘Our job is difficult, but we get used to that’

Zeynep says she has to work despite the difficult and tiring conditions. “Our friends who do not work here or those who start to work in a new job, find our working hours too much according to their intensity. Our work is tiresome, but we are getting used to it. We work eight or nine hours a day,” says Zeynep.

‘Women take the money for what they weave’

Mentioning that they also weave rugs depending on the silk production, Zeynep says, “Women learn how to sew, embroider and weave in the carpet course. They do it whatever they can. Their hands are shattered, they learn the work, but they just take the money for what they weave.”

‘It’s harder to earn a livelihood than past’

Saying that the factory is closed for three months of the year because there are no silk cocoons, Zeynep states they work hard for the rest of the year. Pointing out that the silk is quite expensive, Zeynep adds, “I tear a piece of silk off once and they told me ‘your salary rate is the same with this silk. I was confused. We receive a salary less than our labor. We don’t have another option. We have to work even though our salary is less because earning a livelihood is harder than before.”

‘They decide to work even the salary is low’

Expressing that she decides to work even the salary is low, Zeynep says, “My family did not give me money. The reason is that the money should be given to girls. So women are willing to work even the salary is low. Even so, working as women is always good.”