Diggers demolish Hüsna’s home in Sur, only a wall remains from the home!

DİYARBAKIR – Yesterday, the diggers demolished a family’s home in Sur, where the demolition continues for 10 days, while the family members weren’t at home. The demolition team pillaged the home while Hüsna wasn’t at home and left the excavation. Hüsna, who hasn’t any place to go with her children, will return to her home, whose only wall remains from her home.

The diggers entering the Alipaşa and Lalaebey neighborhoods of Diyarbakır’s Sur district have continued the demolition for one week in the presence of the police. There has been no water and electricity in the neighborhoods since the demolition was started in the neighborhoods. Sur people, who have carried water from mosques for days, are determined to not leave their homes.

However, the diggers demolished a home of one of the hundreds of families, who don’t sell their home and leave their homes. Yesterday, the diggers demolished the home in one hour and all household goods remain under the excavation. The owner of the home, Hüsna Elgündüz just left her home for one hour and she found her demolished home when she returned.

Having a nervous breakdown and falling to the ground, Hüsna was taken to hospital by the citizens. Hüsna, who hasn’t had any place to go with her children now, will return to her demolished home when she gets better.

‘They knew there were household goods in the home’

One of the neighborhood residents, who tried to prevent the diggers from demolishing and faced the violence of the police officers said, “The woman lived in this home with her daughters. She was barely making a living. She said she wouldn’t leave her home almost everywhere. The diggers started to demolish her home when she wasn’t at home. I saw that and I tried to prevent the diggers from demolishing; however, the police didn’t let us to do anything. I just watch the demolition. They knew there were household goods in the home when they began the demolition. The woman doesn’t have anything now. Then, the woman returned to her home and she had a nervous breakdown and fell to the ground when she saw her demolished home. We called the ambulance and took her to hospital. Now, the woman hasn’t had any place to go.”

Families are resisting

The citizens living in the neighborhoods haven’t left their homes despite being subjected to all kinds of threats and tyranny.