Call from Raqqa immigrants to human rights organizations

RAQQA- The immigrants living in the Eyîn Îsa Camp located in the East Raqqa call on the human rights organizations. Stating that they were subjected to tyranny of Daesh gangs, the immigrants say, “Now we maintain our lives in the camps. We don’t have sufficient both health and living materials. We are calling on human rights organization to come here.”

As hundreds of villages have been liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) within the scope of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates, thousands of civilians have been rescued from gangs. While, the rescued civilians have been taken to safe areas by the SDF fighters, the living conditions in the camps are getting harder due to the high number of the civilians living in the camps. The civilians living in the camps call on the international aid organizations.

‘Diseases occurrence due to seasonal change’

Emîra Kerez, who stays in the Eyîn Îsa Camp located in the Miskanê village of Raqqa, says thousands of civilians are transported to the camp every day. Emîra says, “Raqqa people have witnessed all kind of torture, immorality treatment and death. The SDF rescued us from a barbaric life and brought us to this camp. Now, they provide our security and fight in many fronts. International Human Rights Organizations have taken no step for the rescued immigrants. Diseases occurrence in the camp due to seasonal change and we cannot meet our vital needs. All aid organizations should give a helping hand to us immediately.”

‘İmmigrants should be monitored closely’

A language teacher Esma Sadiq says, “We passed through very difficult living conditions. We could react to the SDF fighters after walking for seven hours. We are in a very bad situation. We need clothes, medicines and food. Human rights organizations should come here and monitor closely the life of the immigrants.”

Call to human rights organizations

Meanwhile, Emîne Hemîd says, “We were unjustly treated during the attacks of Daesh gangs. And now, we are living in the resistance camp. But we need health and living materials. International Human Rights Organizations should take a step immediately.”

‘The most affected are women and children’

Another woman named Cemîle Hatim has to sleep in the desert with 14 people because there isn’t enough tents in the camp. Cemîle says they need urgent aid and solidarity. Cemile adds, “The most affected from this situation are women and children. Our voice should be heard soon.”