Balance of male violence in the last 2 days: 8 dead, 4 injured

NEWS CENTER- In Turkey, where violence against women, femicide and sexual assaults are increasing, seven people, including five women were killed and four women were injured and one woman is claimed to kill herself in the last two days.


A man named Murat K. first battered his wife Suzan Y. and then injured her with a knife at their home located in the Şakirpaşa Neighborhood of Adana’s Seyhan district yesterday. Murat K., who has been taken into custody, claimed in his testimony that Suzan injured herself with the knife.


Tansu Askan (23), who lived in the Atakum district of Samsun, was found dead at home two days ago. The body of Tansu, who was pregnant for three months, was taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute. After the autopsy, her body was taken to Van, her hometown. Tansu is claimed to kill herself.


A man named U.T. (47) tortured her mother by taking her out of the house located in Beşiktaş district of Istanbul and set the house on fire. The injured woman was taken to a hospital by the citizens. The man run away.

Birgül was killed by her husband inflicting systematic violence

A man named Ali Çeçen killed her wife Birgül Çoban in Kasımpaşa, Istanbul today in the morning. Birgül first was subjected to both verbal and physical violence by the man and she left the house in order to escape from the violence. Ali Çeçen killed Birgül in the street. Ali is reported to be taken into custody.


45-year-old Filiz Akbaş was killed by a man named Teyfik D. in the Petek Neighborhood of İzmir’s Karabağ district last night. While Tevfik was taken into custody, the dead body of Filiz was taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute morgue in İzmir.


As 46-year-old Tacit Öz injured his wife Dilem İçoğlu and his mother Aniye İçoğlu seriously, he killed Didem’s father Mevlüt İçoğlu and her sister Bilem İçoğlu. Tacit Öz, who has been wounded by Mevlüt İçoğlu, has been taken into custody.


Şengül Sezgince was killed by her husband S.K. yesterday in Denizli. Şengül’s sister Fadime Boz and her brother Ali Maden, who were injured in the attack, couldn’t be saved and passed away in the hospital.