Al-Mashlab liberated, clashes continue in Sabahiyah

NEWS CENTER- First neighborhood of Raqqa has been cleared of Daesh in the ‘Great Battle’ launched to liberate Raqqa city center.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has cleared the first neighborhood of Raqqa of Daesh within the scope of the ‘Great Battle’ launched to liberate Raqqa city center. Al-Mashlab neighborhood, east of the city, has been liberated amid violent clashes. As the local sources state that many Daesh members were killed during the clashes, they also report that the Syrian Democratic Forces have started minesweeping and search efforts in the neighborhood.

Clashes broke out in the western front of the city have become intensified. Daesh gangs attempted to attack SDF positions with bomb-laden vehicles in al-Jazra , two bomb-laden vehicles were destroyed by SDF.

Fighters enter Sabahiyah Neighborhood

In the morning, the SDF fighters on the western front have entered the Sabahiyah neighborhood on the western front. The clashes broke out between Daesh gangs and SDF fighters in the neighborhood still continue.