A fascist group’s attack at Cebeci Campus: You cannot eat during Ramadan

ANKARA – A fascist group saying “You cannot eat during Ramadan attacked the students in the Cebeci Campus of Ankara University by using machetes and chopping knives. While police didn’t interfere in the group’s members shouting Allahu ekber, the students have been stuck in the campus during the exams week.

Today an attack occurred at the Cebeci Campus of Ankara University. A fascist group entered the campus with the support of police and the group shouting Allahu ekber attacked the students by saying, “You cannot eat during Ramadan”. After the students from the Faculty of Communications arrived to the campus, the fascist group left the campus.

After a while later, about 100 people entered to the campus again and attacked the students in the Faculty of Political Sciences by using machetes and chopping knives. After the attack, the group went to the Faculty of Communications and told the students sitting in Çatı Café, “You cannot eat here during Ramadan” and attacked the students with stones.

According to reports received, the students could go out from the classes by breaking the windows and they don’t have security of life. While police took 10 students subjected to attack into custody and broke the arm of a woman and threatened the journalists, the police took three of 100 attackers into custody doucely.