3 women supply bread to the district with a small bakery

Duygu Erol

DERSİM- Nural Uzunay, who opened a small business in Pertek distict with three women against bakery factories and bakeries, meet the need of bread of almost all people in the district. Nural comments on their bakery and says, “The place where even a male fly does not enter” and she also says the women should have economic freedoms.

Social gender norms expel the women from the social sphere or try to imprison them into sexist roles. The women, who struggle against ignoring and exclusion, are destroying all these norms.
Nural Uzunay, who opened a small bakery with three women against bakery factories and bakeries in the Pertek district of Dersim, meets the bread need of the district. Nural, who is cooking yeast bread and dough, is calling on the women to have their economic freedoms and to participate in business life, despite men like husbands or fathers.

Employees are also women

Nural, who opened a small bakery next to a few bakeries, provides almost all the needs of bread of the district. Nural, who sends bread to the markets in the town, says, “The place where even male fly does not enter’’ for the bakery, where all employees are women.

Nural and her daughter open the bakery early in the morning to prepare the dough and work in solidarity with the employees.

Women’s bread against to factory bread

Nural, who sometimes cooks pancake beside the yeast dough, states that although the town is a small place, no one has ever reacted to them and that they are supported on the contrary. Nural indicates that traditional and natural things gradually decrease and she says that the people, particularly the women, in the district often visit the bakery and they have taken what they buy their bread against the bread made of the factories.