222 days of resistance, 103 days of hunger: How much more?

Safiye Alağaş

DIYARBAKIR – Academician Nuriye Gülmen and teacher Semih Özakça resisted 222 days with the request to return to work, and 103 days of hunger strike. Diyarbakır educators ask, ‘’How long will this silence last?’’

The Resistance Decree Law (KHK) published under the State of Emergency (OHAL) and the resistance of the academician Nuriye Gülmen and the teacher Semih Özakça, who are exported from their professions, started with the request to return to work continues 222 days. The arrested Nuriye and Semih’s hunger strike entered the 103rd day. According to the information received; the health status of the two educators is deteriorating.

Public labourers in Diyarbakır called for action for Nuriye and Semih, said, ‘’We are staying late.’’ A member of Eğitim Sen (Teachers’ Union) Havva Karahancı, ‘’Public opinion, especially non-governmental organizations should react seriously. They need not be silent in the face of the great effort laid out by our two friends. If remain silent, will face a serious sense of conscience. The price of staying so quiet can be much heavier in the future. Because they are struggling on a topic they are right about.’’

‘Silence will bring forth greater problems in the future’

Havva says, remain silent, causing Nuriye and Semih to lose their lives and cause a break of great hope in society. Havva says, ‘’because people pay for what they have paid for will come to mean that everything is over in people. Democracy will emerge when the human rights are under full pressure. This will bring more to pay a price. Democratic rights will go under. Everyone should not be silent on this fight with these friends.’’

‘In front of the community 102 days of hunger strike resistance’

Eğitim Sen member Mizgin Yavuz points out that 103 days of hunger strike and resistance should be encouraged. Mizgin, criticizing the public for the intimidation and silence, ‘’This silence as a social burden somewhere on our shoulders riding. Labors are taken from their hands. They showed their reaction in such a way as to possess their labors. As civil society organizations we can do, we have to stand behind their resistance.’’

Mizgin said that such a pressure would cause the explosion in one place and said that it would be beneficial for society to live without this explosion too late.