Sinop sacrificed to nuclear

SİNOP- Before the EIA report that will be prepared for the nuclear power plant to be built in Sinop, an environmental massacre took place in İnceburun region. According to reports received, more than 350,000 trees have been cut for the nuclear power plant in the last two years.

Before the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIA), thousands of trees have been cut in İnceburun Peninsula; the trees have been plucked up by the root in the last two years under the name of “Rejuvenate”. According to reports received, 225,000 trees were cut last year and 130,000 trees were cut this year.

In order for a region to be accepted as a nuclear zone, the region must take place in the 1/100 thousand plan. The ecologists try to take a court order saying İnceburun Peninsula isn’t a nuclear space. If this order can be taken, the nuclear power plant won’t be opened even if it is built. Even the plant can be closed.