Pervin Buldan: Their war and displacement policies don’t work

ISTANBUL – Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Istanbul MP Pervin Buldan said the AKP’s concept of war and displacement policies didn’t work after the people voted ‘No’ in the cities, where were demolished and trustees were appointed to following the declaration of “self-governance”.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Istanbul MP Pervin Buldan evaluated pre- and post-referendum that held on April 16 in Turkey. Pervin said the Kurds should mention their demand for peace and freedom in every area they are. Pervin stated that the AKP government tried to strengthen its power by imposing pressure on the Kurdish people.

‘Their displacement policies were in effect’

Recalling the AKP’s concept of war that put into practice after the election on June 7, 2015, Pervin pointed the struggle carried out by the Kurds against that plan. Pervin continued as follows: “We have seen that the AKP put a displacement plan against the Kurdish people and many people lost their lives, homes and living spaces in this process. In addition to this, we have seen that the Kurdish people didn’t accept this war concept during March 8, Newroz and referendum process and that they presented their unity against this war and the stance of the AKP government against the Kurds.”

‘The Kurds gave the message that they wanted freedom’

“Women took to the streets on March 8 and said we don’t want war,” said Pervin and she stated that the Kurds gave the message “we want freedom” in the Newroz celebration against the AKP’s appointment of the trustees to the municipalities and the arrest of the Kurdish politicians. Pervin also commented on the referendum that held on April 16 and said, “Very high ‘no’ votes in the burned and demolished cities, particularly in the cities, where trustees have been appointed to, was a sign that this concept of war and displacement policies wouldn’t work.”

‘AKP’s strategy hasn’t changed’

Emphasizing that the demand for peace and freedom should be mentioned more, Pervin said, “I observe that there is no change in the AKP’s stance. Despite all barriers on the ‘No’ front and all sorts of pressures, high ‘no’ votes, the AKP’s strategy hasn’t changes until now. But will this strategy be changed? It depends on us.”