Historical heritages of Armenians used as barns

Dilan Babat

VAN- 36 churches and monasteries of Armenians and Assyrians in the Çatak district of Van are being used as barns, haylofts or cellars.

Historical places in Van left by the Urartians, the Armenians and the Assyrians are almost extinct. In the Sortkin village of Van’s Çatak district, 36 churches and monasteries built by the Armenians are being used as barns, haylofts or cellars instead of being restored.

While the Central Church in Çatak is being used as a garden, the Herisin Church in the Sortkin Village, which was pillaged before by treasure hunters, is being used as a barn by the villagers.

Historical heritages built by the Armenians and Urartians have been destroyed by the treasure hunters and villagers. While the villagers are using the historical remains in an unconscious way, the authorities haven’t done anything for historical churches and monasteries in Çatak. Some villagers, who say the churches and monasteries should be put under protection and should be restored, call the authorities to do their job.